The Role of the Caddie

You may be familiar with the person who followers golfers around while they play, setting their ball onto a peg before a shot or slinging the clubs over their shoulder. Those are the Caddies and while they are a long running tradition in golf not many actually know what they do.

The Caddie first became popularized in the 19th century within the game of golf but the name has existed since the 17th century. It generally referred to someone to did odd jobs but in the context of golf it referred to the person who would carry clubs for the golfer.

In recent times the responsibilities have expanded, Caddie’s are often at the whim of the regulations and ranks of a particular club, they are of course paid and also sometimes receive tips. The later has become more traditional.

So what exactly do they do? Well first and foremost the Caddie’s carry golf clubs. This was their original purpose, and at each hole the golfer will often request which type of club to use, the Caddie will be the one to remove the club and hand it to the golfer. In professional competition the Caddie can actually become an integral part of their play, helping the golfer pick the right club and give experienced recommendations. Caddie’s are highly respected and highly paid in the professional realm for that reason.

Caddies must be in shape, as a lot of times it can be more tiring than being a golfer. Might not be a bad idea to try something like stimukal, to help you get into the shape you are looking for:

Caddie’s also do something called “Raking” which means when a golfer hits their ball into sand traps or bunkers the Caddie must enter the area and return it to it’s original condition once the golfer has hit their ball away. They must also tend to any disturbance made to the course itself due to the golfers play, such as knocking away chunks of grass or dirt.

After a sandy interaction the clubs may become dirty, either from a sand-trap or general use. Caddie’s are responsible for cleaning clubs in between shots as even a small disturbance of dirt can throw off the play of the club. This is why you see their signature towel carried with them.

Caddie’s also must measure the yardage between the ball and the green. They have a few ways to do this, either but using a range finder or checking for range markers that are placed along the course. Knowing this yardage is very important as it will determine the golfers choice of club and amount of force used to hit the ball.

Finally you may have seen the image of a man holding a flag next to a hole on the green, while the golfer takes his shot. This is a common responsibility and the one people often see on TV, they will hold the flag, or “pin” while the golfer makes his put and replace it and retrieve the ball when they manage to score their shot.

As you can see the Caddie is a long running tradition in the sport of golf but is not a role to be understated. They can be extremely important during professional play and it is often that a golfer will specifically request or even hire a caddie they like, either due to their knowledge their personality or performance.

The Masters History & Tigers Comeback Story

In its whole history, the Master’s occasion at the Augusta national golf course is known for its moderate nature to onlookers. The originators of the competition trusted that the entrance to the golf course ought to be kept constrained just to the playing golfers and their caddies. Despite the fact that these principles were loosened with the progression of time, there is as yet a set of principles set up for the onlookers, who are all around. Not only is it amazingly troublesome for an expert golfer to set up a decent show and win the competition here, but for anyone to be able to do it more than once. Tickets, even the training round  are reserved ahead of time for quite a long time and it can be years before you can make it to one of the most prestigious golf courses around.


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The Green Jacket

The History of the Masters Golf Tournament has intriguing set of customs that are seen. It is these conventions that make contending at the Augusta significantly progressively unique and noteworthy. One such convention that is seen till date is the introduction of Green Jacket to the victor of the competition.

Another vital conventional and emblematic piece of the master’s golf competition is the green coat. The possible victor, aside from getting the desired trophy and an enormous total in prize cash, is additionally given a green coat which is really the official clothing worn by individuals from the Augusta National when they are on the club grounds. Subsequently, aside from winning a noteworthy title, every champ is likewise made a privileged individual from the club. Additionally, some portion of the custom is that the boss of the earlier year enables the new victor in putting on the green coat at the finish of the masters to a golf competition.

The Champions Dinner

Every year the previous winner of the Masters at Augusta gets to choose dinner for all of the previous winners and honorable club members. Its a tradition dating back to 1952, some years being much more memorable than others here.

Winners Lifetime Entry

Likewise, the victor of the master’s golf competition has consequently met all requirements to the next three noteworthy titles for the following 5 years and the master’s golf competition for their lifetime. One of the more questionable customs of the Augusta masters golf club isn’t allowing participation to females. Despite the fact that there have been different discussions and dissents against it, the convention stands and the club still doesn’t offer participation to ladies.

This Years Masters – Tiger On Top Again

Once again Tiger stepped up again this year in old school tiger fashion, once again becoming the champion of the Masters in 2019 – something he has not done in over 10 years. It also gives him his 15th championship title, which is amazing all on its own. But the best part is the story of Tiger this year, having had such a hard time getting back to form and it being a full decade of any success for Tiger. He showed up all weekend, almost as though he had taken some kraken pre workout before gearing up for the day. But seeing him in the hunt on a Sunday afternoon and turning it on the back 9 to hold out and eventually win his title, followed by embracing his young son, was something golf fans will remember forever.

So there are some dubious and some all-around adored conventions of The Master’s golf competition, which all add to the esteem and interest around the competition and this is presumably why it remains the greatest occasion on the golf schedule each year.

Types of Golf Balls

Playing golf is one of those things not everyone gets. Sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it challenges your mind to think beyond the “liking” factor that leads many to ask why even play golf? Or what is it about golf that gets people hooked to the sport? What type of skill do I need to have to be a good golfer or even to be able to start golfing?

A good number of us think that golfing, as portrayed in the movies, is a game for baby boomers, the elderly, and the retired. The depiction of this on the silver screen is inaccurate. The charted number of people who play golf comes from all walks of life. In 2017 in spring, there were about twenty-six million people who played the sport in across the continental US. Although this number is relatively lower than in the past years, the number shows that there is no lack of interest to it.

There are a few things you need to know about golf balls before you start picking one for yourself. This includes construction, dimples, compression, the feel of it and the spin. 

Construction is the design and layers of components that make up the golf ball. The suitability of these golf ball types are classified into four; one piece, two pieces, three, four and five piece construction golf balls. Depending on the type, of course, you are in and the type of gameplay you do, there is a golf ball for it. Next, the dimples of the golf balls also are ergonomically placed on them to help reduce drag from the air and also to help create lift. Compression, on the other hand, is the resistance of the ball to change its form once it is hit by the golf club. Essentially golf balls with lower compression are more suitable for beginner to intermediate players while golf balls with higher compression are typically used by players who can do faster swings.

Golfing is a good sport to have with friends and family. But are other players needed in order to play golf? The answer is no. Players can be on the course on their own enjoying their own time. Sure it would be more fun to play it with other but it is not necessary. To top all that, golfing have to be a difficult sport, unless you really want to refine your game and improve. Anyone you know and you yourself can do it. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to start golfing soon.

How to Properly Size Your Clubs

Golf players are the most needy sports player for information , they
collect all the data about golf balls , about the club and even gloves and the
ways they play , it has tons of techniques and styles of playing and yet have
thousands of gadgets and tools to use , the hardest thing is picking the right
product for yourself , starting from the goofball type whether it’s Titlist or
another type of a ball , picking the number of layers and so on , to the golf
club and how to size it for your hands and height , now let’s start a guide
about fitting and sizing your club to be a professional golf player.

#1. Your Height
Knowing your actual body height is the begin phase to size your own club , your general height will differ whether you’re over 1.8 Meters or less than 1.7 meters or in between the range . Later you’ll define and calculate your swing according to your height, which will affect your playing dramatically and affect picking the right size for your body and playing style.

#2. How far is your wrist from the ground
Being able to know how far your wrist from the ground is is the second step, the length between your wrist and the ground is the total length of your golf club, knowing that you have a shaft, grip and the last tip of the shaft.

By standing still and letting somebody measure the length between your wrist start and the ground, that will be more accurate than you doing it for yourself, usually the professional people who knows information will be found at the store and they will do it for you.

#3. Measuring your hand’s swing
Depending on your hands length you’re going to identify the extra or less inches you need in your golf club, by taking the length of the wrist to the ground from the length of your total height.

Measuring your swing will add some points to picking your right size, as people swing their clubs, whether they will add extra inches close to the ground or reduce some from the length between the Loft and the ground, which is going to affect sizing your club.

#4. The way you swing
The way you swing your club will be changing the material and size, if you swing really fast you’ll need different size than that when you swing normally, as the club size will differ in the power of the club hitting the ball when you swing it.

Check out the Scratch Golf Academy Page below, they have great online lessons to perfect your swing:

#5. Test your skills
Testing different clubs after doing the above instructions is the most important step , it’s like the start of you picking the right size for yourself to be a professional player , the testing phase will be you trying different sizes , they will differ few in size but it will affect your playing dramatically , you have to look forward for your wanted play style , whether you’ll play high distance and speed or just play on the low angles , by testing many clubs it will let you be sure about what you’re going to pick , and you’ll be able to decide more than one type of a club.

#6. The Loft
Picking the right loft with the best angle won’t really differ so much in the size but the category of the club , whether you’re playing for distance or speed or just ordinary level angle playing , you’ll need to pick the right one that fits your swing and playing style in the current moment you’re picking the club in.

#7. The Feel
As a final step you have to pick the right golf club according to the feel, once you’ve picked the right golf club according to your play style , you’ll have many sizes available for you and you’ll be exposed to real confusion, having about two or three sizes with the same level to you playing will let you get confused , in this step you’re going to go for the feel , keep trying the picked clubs until you reach the best one , and by the best one it means the one which feels right for you.

Choosing The Best Golf Accessories

Golf accessories is a very broad term that encompasses many different types of golf equipment and apparel. The best-known golf accessories are bags, shoes, and apparel, and those items have their own categories highlighted below.

Golf accessories include gloves, carts, tees and there are many different types. Some golf accessories are requirements, some are optional, while others are luxuries. When a golfer decides to purchase different golf accessories it is easy to become overwhelmed by the wide choice which is available.

Golf accessories can be very expensive so it is important that the golfer has some idea of what he wants. There are some very simple guidelines which can be followed to ensure that unnecessary money is not wasted. It will also help the golfer to look objectively at the gadgets he is planning on buying. It is important that the golfer decide objectively what he needs and in doing this he will end up making the best choices.

Firstly it is important to decide exactly how important and useful an item is. Will it make the game easier and more enjoyable or will the novelty factor wear off? If the answer is that it is not being purchased because of its usefulness, then perhaps the golfer should ask why he is buying it. Accessories should not be bought to show off to friends, they should be purchased because they enhance the game and make it easier.

Some things are essential for the game of golf such as golf bags which house all the item which are needed for the golf game. Other things merely seem to be more in the gadget range so the golfer should decide what to spend his money on.

Secondly, it is a good thing to know that golf accessories are readily available at many online stores now and most of these will give good discounts and some even offer free shipping. The golfer should, however, make sure of any return policies when shopping online. The one advantage of shopping online is the huge variety of accessories that are on display. Major brands with their whole line of accessories can be purchased. Amazon is great for all of this stuff.

A third point to take into consideration is that accessories make wonderful gifts at Christmas and on birthdays. The smart golfer will have his list on show at these times!

A wise golfer will strive to buy accessories which will be used frequently. This ensures that he gets the most out of his purchase and it is not a waste of money. The most expensive accessories are not inevitably the best, sometimes a cheaper version will work just as well and maybe even better. It is also a good idea to shop around. Some regular golf shops will match other prices. Designer accessories are normally more expensive and this is a point that the golfer should take into account before purchasing.

Finances play a part when buying these items and the wise golfer will set himself a limit and stay within those boundaries.